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Preparing for your Oregon or Washington Business Insurance Quote

Planning and preparation is an important part of running a small business. This is especially so when you decide to approach your Northwest Community Insurance agency to discuss the type of business insurance you will need. Planning for the right type of insurance may be done in a number of ways:

Conduct a Risk Assessment Survey
Carry out a risk assessment. This will help identify where the financial threat in respect to accidents may occur. For example, ...

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Be prepared for when disaster strikes

Half of all Americans do not have a home inventory of their prized possessions,
according to a survey by the National Association of Insurance
Commissioners. Of those who do have an inventory, 32 percent lacked
pictures, 58 percent had no receipts, and 44 percent had not stored the
inventory in a safe place outside the home. These tips for making an inventory
will ease your claims process following a loss.

Northwest Community Insurance provides insurance services all over the great ...

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